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My Inspiration

I’m a photographer, marriage supporter and wedding professional which all adds up to one excellent combination of qualities that enables me to serve you well. Past couples have described me as trustworthy, strategic, creative, responsive, more than accommodating, and a “wedding therapist”. At the end of the day, I’m a woman in love who has stood where you are right now. I understand you only get one chance with your wedding. As you share your story of love my heart will melt. I’ll get teary-eyed as you walk down the aisle. With my whole heart, I want you to cherish your photography. I work diligently for you to have an incredible wedding photography experience.

When I’m not running my business or photographing weddings, you can find me soaking in a quiet morning sunrise from my kitchen window, dreaming big with my husband Jeff, enjoying a long talk with my Mom, or chasing the boys around the yard.  Please view my inspirations by clicking below.

Because your marriage is meant to be celebrated, on day one and every day after.

Foundational Legacy

My Inspiration

I grew up pouring over my grandparents' and parents' wedding albums.  My Daddy Vince and Nana were regal in their white 1950's wedding garb.  My parents, a young, excited couple about to embark on their life together.  I soaked in every visual I could from these 8x10 prints.  Over the years these visuals built a sense of security in me and a connection to my history.  They built a desire for a similar legacy in my own life.

Saying Goodbye

My Inspiration

In the Fall of 2007, Dad, Coach David Farnham, became very sick.  Within weeks we were given a stage 4 cancer diagnoses.  We were told to say goodbye.  He was in the peak of a state championship football season.  I was a freshman in college messing around with a digital camera.  Those blurry pictures of his last weeks on earth are all we have left of him.  The day of Dad's funeral, I received my first DSLR camera.  I still did not know what I was doing with a camera, but I had even more of a purpose to learn photography.

Print Matters

My Inspiration

They were sitting at the front of the boat, Nana wrapped in Daddy Vince’s arms. Nana’s new hair had grown in a radiant white since her chemo treatment. Daddy Vince’s Spanish skin making the perfect background for her fair complexion. They glowed like two newlyweds. Nana passed in 2013. All I needed was to find this picture. Could I reach for a print?  No, I needed to remember the year and what device I stored my files on back then…I remember this moment like it was yesterday and ache for it like it was decades old.

Jeff, Eli, and Micah

My Inspiration

God has given me great blessings and great purpose.  My guys are daily inspiration.  They inspire me to preserve our own moments as a family and print those moments so our stories are always within reach.  They inspire me to love deeper, serve intentionally, play harder and pray harder!  Not everyone has a photographer in their family, so during my couples' wedding experience I play the role each family needs to create their legacy with imagery and heirloom prints and albums.

from me to you

Hear my heart for your wedding day and photography by watching below


As a family we believe in living an intentional life. We enjoy the "slow" days filled with nerf gun battles, basketball, and legos or heading off on a new adventure with friends and family. We play together.  We serve together.  We dream together.


Learning WHY we do what we do is my favorite pastime. Enneagram? INTJ? DISC? Strength Finders? More please!


Apple watch

Because everyone needs an hourly tap of accountability.


peanut butter

Extra crunchy.  On a spoon.
Glass of milk.  Every night.



I’ll add a little coffee for kicks and giggles.


national parks

11 parks so far! Mountains are the best!


Our table

at Nogui's beachfront restaurant in Costa Rica



My gardens burst with lush blues and pinks all summer!


lake days

We pile on the pontoon for lunch and ski across Lake Keowee.


my jams

James Taylor, Journey, Elton John, and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors



It’s the best attitude.


Inside look

Come behind the scenes with me to see what really goes on during a wedding experience!