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Elijah turns ONE!

Meet Elijah Lake and his wonderful, large family!  There were so many people that came to his birthday party.  Everyone seemed so happy to see each other, visit, and celebrate this adorable little guy!  I first met Elijah while a was napping on the swing with the handsome man below.  Once Elijah woke up he was all rested and ready to party!  When it was time to open presents Elijah would open one, stand up, and walk around the room in excitement, then return to his present pile.  Elijah tore into his birthday cake so quickly and completely demolished it…I think he had been practicing.  Thank you so much for letting me join your family on such a special day!  Here are just a few of my favorite moments of the day…

See, he was smart to let Elijah rest up for his big party
Look at those gorgeous eye lashes!
Rise and Shine! Elijah is ready to go!!
This was the best present ever!  He DID NOT want to get out to finish his presents or eat his cake.  During the rest of the party, he always made his way back to his fire truck.
“All this for me?”
That cake didn’t stand a chance
My favorite from the day “Party Pooper”
Elijah and Barbara!
Elijah with Jennifer’s parents!
Elijah has extremely creative ladies in his family.  They worked so hard to make his party absolutely perfect!
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