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Merry Christmas from the Welchel Family

Before you scroll down, I must warn you…this is extremely adorable.  The Welchel family and I have gone to church together all my life.  It’s been amazing to see the brothers marry and start families.  The children pictured are the Welchel cousins.  Our Angel is Abby, Joseph is Jameson, Mary is Anna, and Baby Jesus is Abby and Anna’s brand new baby sister Alaina.  Jameson’s mother Ansley had this creative idea and asked if we could photograph their nativity scene on their family’s farm.  I must say her idea turned out great!  After our nativity scene we did some family shots of David, Ansley, and Jameson. I also caught some candids of the sisters on the swing(in the slideshow).  Thank you so much for such a fun, creative session!!  I hope you enjoy your photos.
Angel kisses
The brand new edition to the Welchel family
David, Ansley, and Jameson!
They are such a fun family!
Precious Jameson playing in the leaves, the family on the swing
Here’s their slideshow!!!
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