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Charleston Magazine January 2012 | Editorial Photographer

Now that the February issue has hit the stores, I can share my January, the History issue, work with you from Charleston Magazine
For the Channel Markers section, I photographed “Red Summer” and the stack of books at the bottom left.  “Water To My Soul,” “Monsters In America,” and “Janie Mitchell, Reliable Cook”
I always enjoyed shooting for Style File.  This issue was highlighting accessories from local museums and institutions.  These were very interesting pieces.  The large on in the middle is actually lace covered in gold, crazy.  I photographed the compass key chain(2),  “The Longest Curl” pendant(4), and the SC Historical Society blazer buttons(5).
For this issue’s Dining Guide, I learned how to make cheese!  The Cheesehouse located in West Ashley, invited us to photograph their production process.  It was a very detailed and interesting process.  Then I photographed and ate the final products.  These great, local cheeses can be found at Goat.Sheep.Cow and Avondale Wine and Cheese.
Can I just say I LOVE the Love It shoots!  These are done in the studio where I get to set up all the lighting and equipment.  It’s always exciting to see what items the Advertising Department brings in.  I really never know what to expect, but am always pleasantly surprised.  For this page I photographed 1, 2, 3, and 5.
For this part of Love It, I photographed 6 and 7.  Now that’s variety!
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