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Dustin & Hannah, Part One | Chesnee, SC Wedding Photographer

Meet Dustin and Hannah(Jackson) Miller!  They united in marriage on June 23rd at Hannah’s home in Chesnee, SC.  It was a pleasure to meet both Miller and Jackson families, each person made Jeff and I feel right at home.  The house was buzzing with pure excitement as the guys got ready on one side of the house and the girls prepared just a few doors down.  Hannah was glowing when her mother zipped up her wedding dress.  Hannah even glowed when her dress popped at the zipper.  She chose to react to this in a way that would only make her day a more joyful experience for everyone.  After Hannah was sewn into her dress, she was off to meet her groom for their First Look.  Dustin’s reaction to his beautiful bride showed me how much he will continue to cherish her throughout their marriage.  They were so enthusiastic and comfortable with each other, this really showed in their pictures.  It’s the same with their great wedding party, families, and even Hannah’s horse!  Keep an eye out for my next post of their heartfelt ceremony and reception!
Mom and sister to the dress sewing rescue!
First Look!
He was so sweet and very excited to finally embrace his bride
Jeff got the shot on the left, thanks for being such a great assistant!!
Their crazy wedding party!
**Coming soon, Dustin and Hannah’s Ceremony and Reception post!  Check back to see the rest of their fairy tale wedding!
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