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Canvas Painted Guest Book | Wedding Whimsy

Last Wednesday I shared a creative idea for a guest book on my facebook page.  My brides think through every detail of their big day.  Their ideas are so inspirational I just have to share them!  Therefore, I’m introducing Wedding Whimsy{on Wednesdays}
Whimsy: a fanciful idea or creation, something quaint or different
Here’s last week’s guest book!  Check out the rest of Halley & AJ’s wedding {Part One} and {Part Two}

What it takes:
*Canvas Wrap from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, or any crafts store.  Sizes have a large range.  Think about what you will paint on it and where you will place this canvas after your wedding to help you decide on size.
*If you don’t feel confident painting, enlist a creative family member or friend to paint your idea.
*Paint, also found in these same stores.  Coordinate your wedding theme to your balloon colors.  
* This idea has also been executed by painting a tree and having people sign the leaves.
*You can seal your canvas after your wedding day by using a spray varnish or finisher.  These come in different finishes: matte, gloss, pearl, etc.
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