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What to Wear

This is a major question that I get from my clients.  The best way for me to answer is to show you examples.  I’ll explain them as we go…
Show off your personality!  Lisa and Ashley wore what they enjoy wearing on a normal basis.  The quirkiness of their wardrobe and props reflected their fun-loving lifestyle.
Monochromatic. The Bridges decided to go with blues.  “It’s what we all had in our closet,” said Libby.  There are a variety of shades and textures so each one is different enough to show off the individual, but still unify their look.
Back to the basics.  Molly and John wore black and white with jeans.  Molly added a pop of color with her turquoise necklace.  Their session location had A LOT of color to begin with so everything worked out very well.
 Wear what you are comfortable in.
This large family had the color scheme of brown neutrals with a pop of red.  All with jeans.  It came together so nicely.  Other color schemes:
browns, green, and navy  .:.  blacks, reds, and greys  .:.  navy, orange, and yellow
The list goes on 🙂  Get excited about your colors.  Think about your favorite outfits and build it around what you already have in your closet.
I love the feminine look that Victoria went with while strutting her southern belle attitude with those cowgirl boots.
Can I bring my pet?  I’d love for you to bring your well behaved pet!
If you’ve got the urge to have a themed photo session, it would be a pleasure to help you with props and brainstorm with you.  I didn’t know Tamara and Andrew had this idea so it was a lovely surprise!
This color scheme worked so well, I’m sharing it again.  The parents were in the neutrals and Jaxson was the wildcard with his plaid.

If you’ve got a prop you’d like to bring along, please do.  They brought along a vintage chair!
Some things to avoid: being too matchy.  If everyone wore the same green button up they’d all blend together.  Avoid graphic t-shirts and patterns that don’t mix well with your crew.

I hope this helps you with what to wear!  If you have any questions or ideas you want to run by me, please send me a message!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

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