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Sassy Shoes | Wedding Whimsy

It’s all about shoes today!  They are the perfect way to add sass to your ensemble!  Whether it’s your bridesmaids, or just you, you can’t go wrong with having a little fun.  Be sure to choose something that fits the feel of your day.  Check out these Toms, heels, cowgirl boots and studded stilettos!  Happy Wednesday!!
Halley carried her navy and gray theme into her footwear!  Their wedding was classy and fresh, and her shoes fit the bill!

 These coral heels were spiced up a little by bride, Kasie.  She added the rhinestone herself.  These shoes were the perfect accessories to display Kasie’s spunky personality!

A Charleston wedding under the oaks and by the waterway, calls for cool and comfy shoes!  Jamie Lee & Tommy had a relaxed ceremony and danced the night away in their cozy kicks!

Ok Bridesmaids, here’s a chance to make your mark!  Send your friend off with your signature or a sweet note.  Superstition says, the first name to rub off is the next to get married!  Here’s Myers’s wedding!

If you can’t choose one pair, bring them all!  Hear me out, Brooke wore three pairs of shoes on her wedding day!  She brought her cowgirl boots for our outside shots in the field and peach orchard.  Then she wore white, satin heals for the ceremony.  Brooke added crocheted Toms to the line up for her reception!

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