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James & Mary Kathryn | Greenville, SC Wedding Photography

I’m very excited to get to show off this couple!  My big brother James and his finance, Mary Kathryn are getting married!  We had the best time in Garden City Beach, for Spring Break, and their session.  James and Mary Kathryn are smitten.  It was fun to see them interact with each other, just look!  I did the posing, but they brought the chemistry!  
Brother, I’m so proud of you!  You have found an amazing woman with a servant’s heart.  I love you!!
It is an honor to be your sister and photographer.
Mary Kathryn, we are so thrilled to have you join the Farnham family.  You and James are an amazing match!!  Now let’s get you two married!!
The final shot…my favorite!!!
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

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