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Jake & Kellie | Clemson, SC Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to Jake & Kellie on their engagement!  Their wedding is set for the end of this summer.  I’m so happy that Jake and Kellie asked me to photograph them, you see, Jake is my little cousin.  We grew up going to the beach and lake together, riding bikes, hiking and driving Fords!  Kellie is the sweetest thing.  I’m excited to have this chance to get to know her better.
We dodged the rain and had a great session at Clemson.  We started in Death Valley, Clemson Memorial Stadium.  It was the coolest feeling to have the empty stadium all to ourselves.  Enough jabber, here are the pictures!!
They will be allowed to turn their rings around on May 10, 2013, after they graduate.
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

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