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Thankful Thursday: Husband

I always say my husband, Jeff, is adventurous.  Although, I’m not sure people understand what that really means.  I don’t say it because it’s a trending thing, but because it. is. true!  This man has an urge to get out and explore, to DO, to learn, to work with his hands.  He wrecks my nerves anytime we go on a hike or when he jumps on a surf board.  He has guts and no hesitation.  He is filled with TRY and TRY AGAIN.
Hiking in Grand Tetons
Wake boarding Lake Keowee
Jeff encourages me to think BIG and to expect great things.  He believes in me, but also picks me up when I fall down.
Surfing Sunset Cliffs, CA
Snow boarding Winter Park, CO
Jeff is a friend.  He never waits to pick up the phone or share his time with someone.  Jeff shows up.  When his family needs a hand or a hug, he’s there for them!  He loves talking to strangers and learning about their lives.  He loves teaching in higher education because the students are youthful and enthusiastic about learning- just like him!
Surfing Folly Beach, SC
Great Smokies
I know our adventures have changed slightly…July 2014 we were waking up at 4am to drive through Wyoming to photograph “my barn shot.”  Well we still wake up at 4am, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Grand Tetons Wyoming
You are an amazing dad!  You have handled this life change with a calm, patient spirit.  You take your time and energy to care for us and provide for us.  Your love is deep and relentless.  I know I don’t always make that easy, but you have rooted yourself in God’s love so it overflows to me and E.  Ups and downs?  Oh yes, we have them and they come is all forms.  Yet, I can’t imagine another person I’d rather ride this roller coaster with.
If our little Elijah David is anything like his old man, I’d be so proud!
 You two have my heart.  I am so grateful for you.  I love you dearly.
Happy Birthday week!!
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

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