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Greenville, SC Rustic Elopement Photographer | Jason + Janet

Photography & Design By Jenny Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer 2

A wedding on a Monday?  EXACTLY!  Just two weeks ago, Janet contacted me about her and Jason’s elopement!  They’ve known they wanted to get married for a few years now and recently decided that it was time.  They picked Monday, July 25, took time off work and headed to Blue Ridge to elope!

Jason and Janet came to my family’s land and we picked out a spot for their ceremony and started!  Even though Jason had seen Janet before the ceremony, his face truly lit up when he saw his bride walking toward him!  Their vows were sweet, simple, and filled with smiles!  After the ceremony we made it official with their marriage license.  Then we went to a lot of photogenic spots on the land for their photos.

Photographing an elopement was so much fun!  There wasn’t the pressure of a timeline or guests waiting.  It was purely the bride and groom, celebrating their marriage.  Jason and Janet were so much fun to photograph.  He’d whisper in her ear to make her laugh and she’d look at him like he was the best thing since sliced bread!  I’m so happy for their family and their new marriage!!  I’d like to see more beautiful, rustic elopements like this in my future!!

Photography & Design By JennyGreenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-2Photography & Design By JennyGreenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-1Greenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-3Photography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By JennyGreenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-4Greenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-5Photography & Design By JennyGreenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-6Photography & Design By JennyGreenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-7Photography & Design By JennyGreenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-8Photography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By JennyGreenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-9Photography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By JennyGreenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-10Photography & Design By JennyGreenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-11Photography & Design By JennyGreenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-12Photography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By JennyGreenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-13Greenville-SC-Elopement-Photographer-14Photography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By Jenny Take a look at their slideshow below!


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