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Furman Wedding Photography | Bridal | Mrs. Allison Hallman

I don’t know about you, but I’m still getting accustomed to calling her “Alli Hallman”!  I had the best time on their wedding day telling Josh “wrap your arms around your WIFE” or “Hold your wife’s hand”.  They were so sweet!

Long before the wedding day, we photographed Alli’s bridal portrait at Furman University.  Her mom has all the family’s bridal portraits hanging in their formal dining room.  She even has matching frames that she bought years ago so they’d coordinate on her wall.  Note taken!  It’s always exciting for a photographer to know their images will be in print and will mark history for decades to come!  I’m honored they completed their collection with one I took of their beautiful Alli!

Photography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By JennyFurman-Wedding-Photography-1Photography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By JennyFurman-Wedding-Photography-2Photography & Design By Jenny

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