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Night To Shine | Tim Tebow Foundation | Berea Baptist Lake Norman NC

I’m so excited to share my experience with Night To Shine hosted by Berea Baptist Lake Norman (Mooresville, NC)!  Let me start by saying if you have the chance to volunteer for Night To Shine DO IT!!  Whether it is serving food, being a buddy to a participant, or hosting the event, you are making a HUGE difference!

“Night to Shine is a movement to love and celebrate people with special needs… 3 weeks ago, 75,000 people with special needs were crowned king & queen of the prom. A moment we hope they can cherish the rest of their lives.”
-Tim Tebow Foundation

Seeing these precious participants being welcomed by cheering crowds as they stepped out of their limo and totally owning the red carpet- gosh my heart could have exploded!  They get to ride in a limo, have their photograph taken, get their shoes shined, eat, dance, sing, be crowned, see a message from Tim Tebow, and enjoy celebrity status! 

One mom stood with me and chatted while we waited for her daughter to be dropped off by the limo.  This mom was so jittery and excited for her daughter who was getting have this amazing experience!  As a mom, that joy stuck with me.  I know I would be just as excited if it were my child!  

“This is so much more than a prom, it is a time to celebrate people, to celebrate life and to tell each king and queen that they have great purpose and value.” – Tim Tebow

Congrats to Rev. Andrew Austin and the Berea Baptist family and volunteers this was an amazing night!!  Thank you to the Tim Tebow Foundation for loving these people and making sure they have a Night To Shine!

If you don’t get cold chills from this video…check yo self!  Fantastic job by Carlisle Videography!!

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