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Simpsonville, SC Engagement Photography | Sarah + Daniel

We’ve been waiting a bit for Daniel and Sarah to close on their new home so we could do their engagement session there!  They closed just a few weeks ago and it is already feeling like home!  It was so nice to finally meet Sarah and Daniel – and Oliver!  Oliver, their kitty, was very social and curious.  After inspecting me, thank goodness he approved, he jumped right in for portraits!

As we rode to and from catching the sunset, we had the best conversation about loving and learning your significant other, soon to be spouse.  They both compliment each others personalities very well!

We had the idea for in-home action shots.  They chose to cook together!  Not just any meal, the chicken enchiladas recipe Daniel made for Sarah on their third date!  They make a great team, and some mean enchiladas!

We are all so excited for next April!  I can’t wait for all their friends and family to visit Greenville and celebrate their wedding weekend!!

Sarah has a great chicken collection, she’s a loyal USC grad!  Their realtor gifted them this mortar and pestel since Sarah is a pharmacist!  How cool!?

View their slideshow below!

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