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Bald Rock Engagement Photography | Kari + Alex

Meet Kari and Alex!  I’m so excited we got a chance to have an Engagement Session.  They live in Los Angeles and are planning their Greenville, SC wedding.  They flew in for a whirlwind week of planning.  We had a calm, cloudy evening at Bald Rock for their session.

Kari is from Chicago and Alex is from California.  They met while studying at University of Oklahoma!  I asked them what they first noticed about each other.  Alex noticed Kari’s eyes – just look, they are gorgeous!  Kari noticed Alex’s curly hair!  They both play the violin back home.  It is amazing to have a talent that they can connect through.  They even play together in a quartet for events and weddings!

Spring has been so beautiful in the area this year!  It seems like everything has popped with vibrant color more than usual!  From Bald Rock we could see all the fresh greens of the foothills!

Scroll down to the very last two images to see my absolute favorite photographs of them from our time together.

Kari’s center diamond is from her maternal grandmother!  Alex had this special heirloom set in a ring encircled by accent diamonds!

When I’m shooting I usually have a moment where I see the shot happening and I know immediately that it will be my favorite image.

Ready for my two favorites???  Don’t Kari and Alex seem so peacefully perfect together?

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