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Greenville, SC Photography | Katelyn + Chris

If I were to post a picture of the first family session I ever did of Katelyn’s family, I would dig very far back in the archives!  Our families have known each other since before Katelyn and I were even born!  Katelyn’s family has encouraged me in my dream of a photography business since the beginning!!  From family sessions to senior pictures and now Katelyn and Chris’s Wedding Experience they have been delightful subjects!

Katelyn and Chris met in medical school at MUSC!  They noticed each other in the library as they were studying with different groups of friends.  After that, they noticed each other a lot as they passed on campus!  Eye contact every now and then grew to saying “hi” as they passed each other.  One day they found themselves working out at the same time!  Chris decided it was time to introduce himself!  They hit it off so well that Katelyn actually broke up with him.  Can you say plot twist!?!?  However, Katelyn never moved on.  After a while they were ready for another try.  This time they knew for sure that their relationship was “the real thing” when they grew together even while long distance with school rotations.  A special trip home to Katelyn’s family sealed the deal for them.  Katelyn says “The moment I remember realizing that I never wanted to be without him was when we were driving back to Charleston after spending July 4th with my family.”

Just a few weeks ago, Chris proposed!  Katelyn recounts her side of the story:  “Chris really wanted to go hiking so we went to DuPont and walked the High Falls trail. Little did I know that my family was also secretly hiking the same trail so they could capture the moment! Apparently I walked right by my sister hiding in the bushes at one point and didn’t even notice! When we reached the bottom of High Falls he got down on one knee and said “Katelyn Herman, you know I love you right? You’re the only girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. Will you marry me?” I said yes (of course!) and he asked “can I put the ring on your finger?” I said “Um yes!” We kissed and waterfall mist was spraying all around us making these magical sparkles in the sun. When we started walking back, my family popped out of the shrubs covered in mud from crouching down to hide It was really special and really well planned! I had no idea.”

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