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Upstate SC Wedding Photographer | Katelyn + Easton

Meet Katelyn and Easton!!!  I’ve known Easton for years through school and being involved in the Greer/Blue Ridge community.  A LONG time ago we actually pole vaulted together on the high school track team!!  When I started talking with Katelyn and her mother about wedding photography, we connected and realized that our families go way back!  It is so amazing to see how all our paths intertwine and have all collided for Katelyn and Easton’s wedding photography experience!

Katelyn and Easton met back in 2017 through a church trip.  They started dating last summer and fell in love quickly!  All it took was a trip to the beach with Katelyn’s family to know this was the real thing!  Katelyn and Easton love to be at the lake, riding the jeep through the mountains, or at the beach.

We are all looking forward to celebrating their marriage in April 2021 at The Barn at Sitton Hill Farm.

Katelyn had a hunch that Easton would propose the day they took the jeep on a long ride through the mountains around Lake Jocasee.  They were in the jeep for over two hours and Katelyn started to get worried that Easton wasn’t going to propose.  Nearing the end of their ride, Katelyn finally showed she was upset, so Easton asked what was going on.  She told him she was upset because she thought he was going to propose on their ride.  He apologized, but not without a little chuckle.  That was it, Katelyn was done with riding around so she asked to go home.  Easton had other things in mind, like the most gorgeous lookout point of the whole ride…and a diamond ring featuring Katelyn’s grandmother’s heirloom diamond.  When they made it to the next lookout Katelyn didn’t want to get out of the jeep, but Easton convinced her to come see the view and take a picture.  When they made it to the look out, Katelyn raises her phone for a selfie to see Easton behind her down on one knee.  After a little happy dance and an enthusiastic YES, Katelyn and Easton were engaged!

From Katelyn, “My grandfather gave my grandmother a gorgeous diamond ring for their 50th wedding anniversary many years ago. My grandmother passed away in 2013, and she always said that she wanted me to have all of her jewelry when she passed. I always wanted her diamond to be put into my engagement ring in the future. Easton took the diamond and had it set in a beautiful new ring.  I will always have the memory of my grandmother with me wherever I go.”

This one is my favorite image from their session!

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