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Behind The Scenes | 2020

It is wild to see all the crazy situations we get ourselves into!  40 mph winds on winter days, the hottest humid Summer weddings, climbing things, carrying anything, rounding up humans, and styling the details.  All year I post gorgeous images of couples wedding dreams coming true.  Here’s a sliver of what happens in between those snaps!

Those being photographed are the real heros!  Carrying the heaviest bouquets, wearing the tallest heels, wearing 100 bobbypins with a veil jammed in between!  Guys in rental shoes, cufflinks, and cummerbunds, you name it!

Below was a crazy moment.  I try my hardest not to be a distraction or to be seen during a ceremony.  I WILL get the moments we want to remember forever.  I prefer to do it discreetly with a zoom lens.  This ceremony at Tin Roof Farm was so sweet!!  Morgan and Britton bowed their heads for prayer, but I could notice something wasn’t right.  The pastor was reciting the prayer but franticly looking for something.  He tried to get someone’s attention.  We realized the lighter wasn’t by the unity candle!  The DJ and I started looking for it (all during the prayer).  The DJ found it but couldn’t leave the sound board.  The coordinators were already flipping something for the reception.  The couple needed fire for that candle so I did my most subtle walk down the aisle to deliver the lighter.  So much for not being seen!!


I’m reminded of my height limitations at every reception!  Thankful for Sony’s screen flip to help me see!
Bustling Bustles is my thing!!

“Cake Time.  Stand right here.  Chop. Chop. Chop. Scoop.”

Dreaming of a 60 person family portrait?  Lets make it happen!

I follow a lot of photographers all around the world.  Sometimes I wonder how they can get through outdoor weddings in the summer and still have their curled hair and makeup intact.  THEN I remember they aren’t working in the south.  Humidity and sweat are not a thing for them!

The little details and the little ones.

Photographing the fourth sister in this amazing family!!

Behind every dress and veil fluff is a photographer trying to keep everything clean and pretty!

They say your day goes by so fast it’s all a blur.  I agree!  It’s crazy!

Even with the blur of activity, we may steal you away for a few quiet moments in a pasture at sunset…If you have the guts to hop the fence!

Walking and dipping our way through Downtown Greenville’s Riverwalk during one of our Huguenot Loft weddings!

It takes a village!  I’m always happy to be part of a village with Cotton Rouge and Co. (hair, makeup).

Sometimes the best light is in the child’s playroom.  Yes, we will rearrange it so you have these mother daughter moments in the best light with a clean background (see below).

A new favorite this year was incorporating Downtown Greer’s Trade Street!  Love Greer Station and all its improvements!

I guess you could call this post the mask edition.  It was an ever-changing trend to navigate.  Some venues required them, some cities required them, some never mentioned it.  It was just WEIRD.  I can say I did the best I could!!

I was trying to move at the speed of the sun sinking below the horizon!!  We got many great portraits in this last light!

During her test shot, Jill caught me hauling a load to the bridal suite.

What it really looks like when kids are in the wedding party.  I’m a mom of boys so nothing is new here!  I had five kids in my wedding party and I LOVE the pictures I have of all my special little ones!!  It is worth it!!  Be prepared with extra helping hands, snacks, and a quiet place for them to hide away to process all the new things.

A rainy hurricane weekend.  Pretty much, don’t move until I pick everything up.

Buttons!  Buttons!  Buttons!!

Our sunroom doubles as my studio and sometimes my office when I need to sort a wedding and it is pretty outside.

A shout out to my second shooters for these fun photos!!  Jill is with me most weddings and Jeff jumped in for TWO this year!!  If you see me in pictures without my bag it’s because they are hauling that heavy thing around along with their own equipment!!  If you ever wonder if you need a second shooter the answer is yes a million times over!  They track down people, cover getting ready, give another angle for EVERYTHING important, and are a calming sense to us all.

Thank you for a wild and crazy 2020!!

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