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Ashley + Laramie | Spartanburg Milliken Engagement

I’m so excited to share about Ashley and Laramie today!!!  Their story is super sweet and the whole meeting through a Summer ministry part reminds me of how Jeff and I met through SummerShine!

In Summer 2019, Laramie was an Activities Director at Camp Courage.  Ashley spent a week at Camp Courage serving campers with cancer and/or blood disorders.  They noticed each other on the first day and finally met on the third day when their campers ended up fishing together.  Ashley tells the hilarious story of when Laramie first asked her out.  “We were having a pool party the second to last day with all the kids and he took a break from lifeguarding to get in the pool to talk to me. I knew something was up because all the lifeguards were whispering and looking at me. I was with one little girl when he came over to talk to me.  As we were talking she jerked me backwards away from him and I fell back under the water. Then she took me away.  I felt bad cause we just left him, but thankfully he came back.  The girl was still with me and as he was starting to ask me to go on a date she started screaming, “He’s your prince charming, he’s your night in shining armor!” I was so embarrassed, but thankfully that didn’t scare him away either.”

For their Engagement Session, we met over at Milliken’s Arboretum and enjoyed the wide variety of backgrounds and settings.  It was my first time there for photography and I’ll definitely be back – I was so inspired!  Ashley and Laramie went right along with me on ideas and were really relaxed with each other!!  It was so special to get to connect with them during their session!  Their wedding in August at South Wind Ranch is going to be amazing!!!


Then we ended with a full moon and sunset!!

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