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Davy Jumps The Wake

Meet Davy!  I used him and his wake boarding talents in my latest project.  He’s been working on jumping, not just one side of it, but the entire wake.  I have about 7 pictures of this one jump.  He cleared it like a pro, but I needed to show his achievement in just one picture.  I chose my four best pictures that show the progression of the jump and went to work in Photoshop.    
Davy Jumps The Wake
This is a project I wanted to work on to see 3 things.  
1. How to do it?
2.  How long it would take?
3.  Does my vision of it correspond with my final product?  
1. Considering it was my first time doing this type of project, it took me a while to get on track with the actions that worked.  I used a series of layers, the quick selection tool, and eraser.  The main picture used here is the one of him on the far left.  The other three “Jumping Davys” are from other layers and other pictures.  The color match of “Jumping Davy 2” was the only one I had difficulty with.  We had driven him through the shadow of some trees so his coloration was much darker.
2. A rough estimation of the time this took would be 2.5 hours.
3.  Somewhat.  If I could do it all again, it be a much smoother process with a few different techniques.
Ya live, Ya learn.
Tell me what you think!
Davy said his next trick will be a back flip on the wakeboard!  Stay tuned for another fun project!
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