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Moonshine Falls Adventure

One rare Saturday ,free of homework and other To-Dos, my roommate Allison and I decided to go hiking to a place neither of us had ever been before.  I grew up hiking here in the Upstate so finding a new place was a challenge.  Allison hales from Pennsylvania so it wasn’t too hard for her to find a place.  Our final destination of choice, Moonshine Falls.  On the website the hike was noted to be 2 miles shorter than what it actually turned out to be, but all was well.  We love surprises.  Scroll down for the rest of our story.
Midway through our journey we got to cross a river by a cable strung between two trees.
This lovely group of ladies helped us when we traveled off the path after missing a discrete/hidden trail marker.  I don’t know where we would have ended up without them.
Here’s to adventure with my amazing roommate!  One of our new friends took this of us standing under the falls.
The view from below.  I’d love to hike up now after all of this rain we’ve gotten lately.  Now THAT would be a different site.
Here is one of the sweet ladies that we met.  She asked me to take this for her because she left her DSLR at home.  
I have a thing for root pictures!  This picture is the reason why I hiked that trail with my DSLR and 24-70 lens.
Relaxing and snacking before the hike back down.
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