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Behind The Scenes 2018 Edition

Welcome to my annual Behind The Scenes blog post!!  Apparently, this is the watch me grow edition!  We found out we were pregnant in late February, meaning all but one of these weddings, Micah was along for the ride.  I’m beyond grateful for a career that allows me to serve people in every stage of […]


Micah’s birth story

To begin, our goal was to have another birth as natural as possible. I have preexisting issues that could get complicated with induction, epidural, and/or c-section. I really don’t mind the challenge of a natural birth. With Eli’s birth, I was super pumped and ready to rise to the challenge. This time around I was […]



Our journey to pregnancy with baby number two

You have probably found out through our social media posts that we are indeed pregnant with baby BOY number two! It has taken us longer to announce this special news because I’ve had a hard time articulating the journey that brought us here. I know pregnancy announcements are difficult for a number of people to […]


Jenny Williams Photography

Fear, Comparison, and Hesitation.

Today I’m sharing how three things had a stronghold on my life.  Fear, comparison, and hesitation.  I may throw in busyness, but we’ll see how this goes.  Sharing this is inspired by my latest rebrand of my business to Jenny Williams Photography and my whole new online brand.  Read part 1 about rebranding if you want the […]


Wedding Photography Business rebrand jenny williams photography

My heart behind my total business rebrand to Jenny Williams Photography

I know, you are puzzled about why I would change my business name and rebrand after ten years in business and 8 years of wedding photography.  Don’t worry, everything has been going wonderfully!  2017 was the biggest year for Photography And Design By Jenny!  For almost seven years, I have wanted to rebrand to my […]


BLog article about busy

Five steps to stop BUSY from ruining your life

Too many times in my life I have worn the badge of busy as a high honor.  I get into all sorts of stuff, saying yes to every little opportunity, and burning the candle at both ends.  The Williams house has recently gone through of season of burnout on top of trials with a few areas […]


Our Journey to Being Debt Free

I hinted around about a big announcement on Instagram for a week or so!  Now it’s officially time to shout – We are debt free!!!! We are so excited about finally reaching our goal of being debt free!  It feels so good to finally have this burden relieved!  We know we aren’t the only ones on […]


Jeff’s 30th Year Adventure | Tamarindo, Costa Rica | Travel

  Three words: Surf, Sleep, and Smoothies! Jeff and I have been looking forward to this trip for quite a while!  You see, it’s Jeff’s thirtieth year of life.  While some people gripe about hitting 30, we choose to celebrate and live it up!  Jeff has wanted to explore Costa Rica ever since he learned how to surf […]


Award Winning Wedding Photographer | Greenville, SC Wedding Photography

WOW!  My amazing couples really did it this time!!  Because they took the time to tell the world about their wedding experience with me, WeddingWire has taken notice! I have been honored for excellence with the Couples’ Choice Award 2017! This means so much to me and is so humbling as I look back at […]


Photography & Design By Jenny | Heirloom Album

The Heirloom Album is the most gorgeous way of remembering your wedding day.  Years from now, when your daughter gets engaged and asks questions about your wedding day, what will you reach for?  You’ll present her with a custom designed, thick lay flat page album that has stood the test of time!  Each page is […]