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Congaree National Park

While my passion is to photograph people, I enjoy photographing nature aswell.  The first weekend of October, a crew of my friends and I visited Congaree National Park, located outside of Columbia.  They have free canoe tours, trails, nature walks, plenty of special events, and picnic shelters.  I was reluctant to leave my camera in the car for the canoe tour, but managed to get plenty of shots while on dry land.
My sister Millie has a life goal to visit every national park in America.  I believe this was number 6 on her list.  We can look forward to many more NP adventures.  
One of these days I will post my shots from our South Dakota NPs.
Congaree Canoes
My favorite, I plan to get a large print of this one when it’s time to decorate
      Big Guy                                                        My canoe seat broke

Millie took this one
Here’s some of us
We only reached halfway around this humongous tree

The crew at lunch
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

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