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The Whaley Family

Meet the Whaley family!  From the first time Debbie called me to ask about session information, I knew I would just love this family.  Lucas and Rachel are students at Clemson University so we scheduled for one of their long weekends.  We met at North Greenville to get some shots before heading to our main destination, Poinsett Bridge.  This family loves camping and being outdoors so the fall colors and slightly rugged terrain was perfect.  They were all so relaxed and willing to do whatever I asked.  Thank you, Claude, Debbie, Lucas, and Rachel for being so awesome!  I thoroughly enjoyed this session!  Here’s some of my favorites!
Here they are,  the Whaley Family 🙂
Their “album cover” shot. 
The Tigers, Lucas and Rachel 
Seeing a husband and wife still in love after so many years makes me so happy! 
What a great looking family! 
The Whaley Family
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

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