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Senior Art Exhibit!

Typing that title made me so excited!  Not only was the Art Exhibit such a success, but it means that graduation is just around the corner!  I’m so thankful for what North Greenville University has meant to me throughout my life.  I know that it’s great influence on me won’t end after I walk across that stage.  Through NGU, I have been blessed with dear friends that have stuck closer than a brother(Proverbs 18:24)  NGU has given me many opportunities to grow and learn.
I’d like to explain my topic, Stages, featuring Vince Cervera.  Vince is 85 years old now and has lived an extraordinary life.  I may be bias because he is my grandfather, but all in all, he has had many adventures, experiences, and much success through the different stages of his life.  Most of all, he has served our Lord and Savior. 
My handsome, handyman fiance helped me prepare all of my frames and hang them.  I honestly don’t think I could have done it without him.
Browsing the exhibits
Explaining my exhibit and introducing “Daddy Vince” the star of the show.
I have such a special family!  They came to support me!
My Daddy Vince, my inspiration.
The first section of my exhibit, the first part of Vince’s life.  This display explained with Vince’s quotes that he was raised during the Great Depression, found expression through music, and enrolled in college despite the financial deficit.
The second section of the exhibit explains how he pursued a career of a traveling evangelist, and created and family with Millie(Nana).  The last two works are part of a reflection period of life.
This is one of the pieces.  It shows a photo from Vince and Millie’s wedding day and a more recent photo of them expressing affection.  The quote is from Vince, “Love is a life long commitment, an ongoing experience.”  This has become one of my favorite pieces, because I’m there.  In less than four weeks Jeff and I will be committing our lives to this “ongoing experience.”
A big congratulations to Elizabeth Wood and Caroline Smith who also presented their senior shows!  Their focus was in photography. 
Graduation here we come!!!
Here are more photos of the exhibit
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

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