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Williams Wedding Photo Booth

God has blessed P&DJ so much that I am able to offer my clients the Photo Booth feature.  I’ve had the pleasure to see how much clients and their guests enjoy the booth.  When it came time to plan my own wedding, I just had to have a photo booth!  A big thanks to Kari Weaver and Matt Sprinkle for being our photographers!
The photo booth is ALL ABOUT FUN.  It provides a source of entertainment for your guests, not to mention you get a hilarious product that captures your guests.  The Photo Booth isn’t limited to Weddings, it works wonders at Birthday parties and business events.  It’s the perfect ice breaker and memory maker.
Enough talk, let’s see that Photo Booth action!
                                           That’s us 🙂
Photo Booth Slideshow
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

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