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Sometimes… Greenville, SC Family Portrait Photographer

Usually, I don’t get to share these “Sometimes” moments with you on the website.  These are saved just for the family to enjoy when they are looking through their finished images.  Well…this post is special.  Libby, my wonderful sister, and Tripp create such a fun-loving life for each other and their children.  I could fill up tons of memory cards with them.  Oh wait, I do!  They are more than willing to share their “sometimes” moments with everyone.  Libby says, “that’s life, we wouldn’t have it any other way!”
Sometimes…doggies don’t look straight at the camera
Sometimes…romantic mommy & daddy shots get “photo bombed”
Sometimes…the youngest has to stick up for herself
Whether it’s a “Sometimes” moment, dogpile, or climbing a tree, we have fun together.  We laugh, joke, and play.  I love these little guys 🙂
Ethan, my all grown up, seven-year-old, nephew.  He’s so smart and loves that baseball.  He’s the best big brother in the world.
Wesley James is my handsome, four-year-old, nephew.  He is full of love and enthusiasm.  His volume is always set on HIGH and there’s never a dull second with him around.
Taylor Ann, my chatterbox, two-year-old, niece.  I love to hear her say my name and greet me with a long, sweet hug.  She is her momma all over, except she’s got her Daddy’s eyes.
Tripp and Libby, I won’t share their ages, the parents who keep things entertaining.  They work hard, stick together, and always have an exciting story to tell.
Thanks Bridges, for letting me share your “Sometimes” moments. 
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