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Upstate South Carolina Photographer | Snow Day

I love the south for so many reasons.  I was reminded of one of those reasons these past few weeks.  Snow Days!  As long as the power stays on, I can be snowed in all week!  January was oddly warm, which was great for the three weddings I photographed.  Now for February, where we leave our facets dripping at night and wait for another winter storm system.  Jeff’s work was closed due to the weather so we set out to our favorite Blue Ridge views to photograph them in their rare form. 
I drive by this red barn at least 6 times a week and I always dream of what angle I’d photograph it at.  We talked with the property owners for a bit, then set out to get the shot.  I was happy with my images….then the cows came to visit us.  It was amazing and I want giant prints of all of these!
Jeff is my favorite!  I never would have driven these wintery roads, but he understands my passion and quest for photography.  He’s always so patient while I traipse around.
Then to our second favorite view.  Sometimes I think we drive to Landrum just so we can see Hogback Mountain in all its glory.
On a back road, this bamboo was so loaded down with snow it took up a whole lane of the road.  After this shot Jeff shook off the snow of a few branches and they shot up like catapults.
Mom was getting cabin fever so she came along for the ride.  We have many photos of each other hanging out of windows on all of our travels together.
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

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