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Thankful Thursday: Journey to Elijah David

This time last year we were hoping and praying for a baby to start our family!  Now, here we are with a 3 month old bundle of pure JOY!  Over Thanksgiving with the Williams family, we were reliving the night they found out we were pregnant.  I realized I videoed a few reactions, but never did anything with them!  I couldn’t stand the idea of them just sitting on a hard drive never to be shared or remembered.
The first portion of the video is full of sweet reactions, the second has milestones of our pregnancy.  Now that I see the pictures toward the end I know exactly why I got so many comments from strangers about my size!
Here’s some free advice…If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself.  If you feel compelled to speak to a pregnant lady about her body do make it positive like “you go girl, grow that human” or “you look radiant” or “can I get you some ice cream?”  Oh well…all that growing and stretching gave us a beautiful 8 lbs 4 oz baby boy who at this point has doubled in size!  I’m so thankful and honored to have this special, little boy!  Every day is an adventure with Eli and his wonderful daddy, Jeff!  Enjoy!

Update: About the running mentioned in the video. I was 5 weeks into training for my first half marathon with family members when I found out we were 5 weeks along. You can keep up your normal physical activity when pregnant, but it’s not recommended to go beyond that. Also, who actually has energy for that in their first trimester? Instead we ran the 5K.
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