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Thankful Thursday: Winter Family Getaway

A portion of our extended family escaped the bad weather in the upstate by leaving a night early to make sure we could get to Boone, NC.  Mom has been doing this getaway weekend as a special Christmas gift to us all.  We hunkered down in our rental and had the best time together!
All last Fall I kept thinking, I’ll rest and regroup in January.  Well for a while there was no change of pace.  It wasn’t so much a need for physical rest, but mental rest. I think most of you can identify with the never ending flow of thoughts, ideas to sort out, decisions to make, problems to solve.  I’ve spent most of the week creating my new website-talk about exhausting AND EXCITING.  While running a business and mothering this sweet child is my dream come true, I was tired.  I unplugged from my job and technology for a weekend full of quality time, snuggles, and game nights!  It was an important time of rest and renewal!
Elijah didn’t know what to think about the snow.  I think he was mostly confused about his many layers of clothing and why he had socks on his hands.  We’re from the south people…I’m not investing in gloves until I know he’ll be building snowmen and sledding all day.
The view from our porch!  Sugar Mountain ski slopes!
Elijah loved his weekend full of cuddles and play time with cousins and the rest of the family!
The traditional family shot.  James cleared out a spot in the snow for us to stand.  See how deep it was.
Here’s a tip for “funny pictures” always. always. always. change how your were standing.  Millie and I went for the lower level, the guys went for the higher level = successful funny picture posing.  The peace sign and muscle flexing is optional.
We had a wonderful experience with this rental.  If you are in need of a mountain rental for a large family in any season, check this one out!
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