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Greenville, SC Photography | Landon Thomas Holliday

Congratulations to Brad and Kayla on the birth of their precious baby boy!  Landon Thomas is the sweetest little combination of his momma and daddy!  His alert eyes have a tender kindness about them, that comes from both sides of the family!

When I arrived for their session, their home was full of supportive, excited family members.  Their new home was decorated beautifully!  Those nesting instincts really paid off!  It was a joy to see my images from their wedding and other sessions we have done together.

Brad and Kayla are figuring out this new world of parenting one step and a time.  Seeing them work together and support each other throughout the session was very sweet.

I love this one of him lounging around!  See, Landon, the outside world isn’t so bad after all!

Play the slideshow below for more images.

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