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Jeff’s 30th Year Adventure | Tamarindo, Costa Rica | Travel


Three words: Surf, Sleep, and Smoothies!

Jeff and I have been looking forward to this trip for quite a while!  You see, it’s Jeff’s thirtieth year of life.  While some people gripe about hitting 30, we choose to celebrate and live it up!  Jeff has wanted to explore Costa Rica ever since he learned how to surf in middle school.  After surfing at Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock last week, he said “I surfed waves that were straight out of surf movies!”  Throughout the week, Jeff was able to meet a surf legend (Robert August) and even ride waves with another (Wingnut)!  Que: Happy Dance!

We stayed in a little cabina in Tamarindo, enjoyed the local cuisine, rode bikes, read books by the pool, and really embraced a different pace of life.  It didn’t take long to find our favorite restaurant, Nogui’s.  We had beach front seating two nights in a row to enjoy the vibrant, Pacific sunsets.  We dined on tacos de pescado, arroz con pollo, brochetas de pollo tropical and many other delicious dishes!!  The best part about any meal was ordering mango and banana smoothies- YUM!  It’s really all I could stomach… I guess I could add another word to the first sentence…sick. Oh boy, was I sick… the majority of the trip!  We made the best of it, for sure, but it’s still not very fun being sick on vacation in a foreign country.

You may see this image again, when I share about Unplugged ceremonies and weddings.

This is my favorite scenic image from the trip!  I plan on ordering a square crop of this, maybe 30×30 or larger.

Nogui’s Restaurant and the beachfront view from our seats!!

My two favorite sunset images have silhouettes of beach goers.  Not only do the people give off a local vibe to the image, but they add depth and emotion.

My dearest, I love this man like crazy!

Take a minute or two to watch our video.  It shows much more of our trip and what we actually did.


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