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Greenville Falls Park Engagement Photography | Courtney + Josh

Sunday night, Downtown Greenville was in perfect form!  If you haven’t been to Falls Park in the Summer, you need to take a walk through the flower covered paths and across the Liberty Bridge…maybe grab an ice cream for your stroll!  Courtney and Josh couldn’t have planned their outfits more perfectly.  After changing into their second outfit, we got to the next spot for pictures to realize they coordinated EXACTLY with the flowers!

I love hearing how couples meet and begin dating.  A few years back, Josh caught Courtney’s eye during a volleyball practice.  After knowing each other a while, the timing became right and they started dating!  It’s obvious when you’re around them they are an amazing pair.  They truly complement each other!!  I believe God has a special way of giving us exactly who we need in our spouse.  Not just in the early years of marriage, but also as we grow, change, and age together.

Josh popped the question at the end of April!  They are planning for their big day this September at Fountain Inn First Baptist Church and Holly Tree Country Club.  It was an honor to be a part of their Engagement Session and it will be such an honor to be a part of their wedding day!  September is just around the corner!!

Courtney’s center diamond is an Heirloom from Josh’s grandmother!

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