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Aurora Farms Wedding | Heirloom Album | Holly + Joe

If you’ve followed my work for a while, you will recognize Holly and Joe!!  They were married in May of 2013!  They celebrated their vow renewal at their family’s Greenville event venue, Aurora Farms!  I’ll share some highlights of their Vow Renewal and some peeks into their Heirloom Album!!

Holly said it best, “It was a small, intimate gathering where Joe and I shared our story. Our story is a story of brokenness, where Joe was secretly battling an addiction and I was finding my identity in my children. We were lost individually and as a couple, but only through us both admitting our faults did we find a starting point. God lead us closer than we’ve ever been in our entire marriage all within the last 1.5 years. We still have room to grow and to become stronger, and we will never always get it right. But we are on the right path now. One day at a time, moment by moment.”

Friends, marriage is not and will not be perfect.  I’m so proud of Holly and Joe for sharing their story and speaking life into so many marriages.  They are being vulnerable with the life God has given them and God is getting all the glory!  Holly is also a local photographer!!  Check her out!

Their family!  A lot can happen in a few years!!  I love the candid moments with these brothers!

Holly and Joe wanted to be able to REACH for their memories!  They want their boys to flip through the pages and see themselves!  They wanted an album on their shelf for their friends to look at as they tell their story!  They chose the 8×8, classic felt, thick page, debossed cover, sahara leather Heirloom Album.  I love how it turned out for them!  I had the idea to put the vows they wrote to each other in the back.  What a beautiful source of love and joy their family will get to hold onto with this album!

View their Table Rock Lodge Wedding Day (and enjoy how much my photography has evolved in seven years).

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