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Downtown Greer, SC Engagement | Jackie + Shane

Y’all, I’m so excited to introduce everyone to Jackie and Shane!!  I know Jackie from back in our NGU days!!  It was so great getting to see her again after so many years!  She and Shane have found a true match in each other!

The first time they met was a brief encounter at work.  In passing, they weren’t able to jump into conversation, so the two left feeling like they wish they talked more!  Jackie told me she made a promise to herself that if she saw Shane again, she’d talk to him.  It turns out, Shane made the same promise!  The next time they ran into each other, they talked and had an immediate connection!

A year or so later, Shane was ready to ask Jackie to be his wife!  He caught her totally off guard with this one!  Shane called her to grab a quick bite to eat with him, but when they got to the restaurant, he didn’t have his wallet.  They went to her place to grab some stuff.  When she got in the truck she said “I’m hungry too, do you still want to go to that restaurant?”  Shane didn’t know so Jackie said “It’s a yes or know question.”  Shane went with Yes!  They went to his house and Jackie ran in to get his wallet.  When she came out, Shane was inspecting his truck’s front tire.  Jackie asked if everything was ok and he said “Yes.”  Down on one knee, with a ring box in his hand, he said, “Jackie, you asked me a yes or no question, so now I’ll ask you one.  Will you marry me?”

They are planning their dream Christmas season wedding for this December!!

Yes, there are Spring blooms popping out all over the upstate!!

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