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Greenville, Sc Engagement Photographer | Cayce + Daniel

My heart leaps with joy today because I get to share about Cayce and Daniel!!!  I met Cayce 5 years ago when she was a bridesmaid at Megan and Eric’s wedding!!  We are going full circle as Cayce and Daniel get married this December!!  Cayce and Daniel are very sweet together and I have truly enjoyed connecting with them through their wedding experience!

I always love to learn how my couples get introduced.  Cayce and Daniel had mutual friends who were convinced they would be great together.  They all decided to hang out one night then go to dinner.  It obviously went well because the waitress actually assumed Cayce and Daniel were dating and she handed him the check to pay for their meal!  From then on, Daniel pursued Cayce!

Now about that proposal (which inspired our location for their Engagement Session). They frequently like to take Sunday walks around Daniel’s family’s pastures with their dogs. On the day of the proposal, Daniel told Cayce he had to go do a construction site visit, in reality he was off to the farm to find a good spot he could carve their names in a tree. He started panicking when he couldn’t find the right tree. In the fields, there is an oasis of rock that has been long been referenced as Rock Island to the McCulloughs. This was a frequent childhood safe haven growing up and a special place perfect for this big day. Daniel carved their names in the tree with Cayce’s dad’s knife that her mom gave him for Christmas (Cayce’s father passed a year ago). He then headed back to the house to pick up Cayce.  Daniel had told Cayce they were meeting a family friend at the farm to set out trail cameras and get ready for turkey season. He was worried she wouldn’t get out of the truck but luckily his forever companion followed right along.  There was a small green meadow in the middle of this rock landscape where he popped the question in front of their tree. An easy yes! Afterwards, Daniel told Cayce they were meeting his family at Brewery 85 to celebrate.  Little did she know he had planned a full surprise party with her mom and all their closest friends.

Daniel asked for a serious portrait – I love it, especially in black and white!

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