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A surprise proposal | Shelby + Bradley

Congratulations to Shelby and Bradley on their engagement!!  On June 6, Bradley had very special plans in place!  He had been working toward this and planning all Spring.  Stay with me as I recount, when you are a part of such a special proposal, you get all the details to share!

With the help of his mother, sister, and The Grove at Pennington’s staff, Bradley planned his secret proposal and surprise gathering.  Bradley and Shelby were at a friend’s wedding that afternoon (hence their outfits), but needed to leave early to “check out a venue” Bradley’s Dad was hoping to host an anniversary party at soon.  They were in a time crunch because they needed to see the venue before a 7pm event was hosted there.  Bradley and Shelby left the wedding and arrived at the The Grove’s barn.  When they walked in, a video was set up for viewing.  It was pretty clear what was about to happen and Shelby was SHOCKED!  They sat down to watch the video Bradley made.

Bradley had the idea to share his journey of preparing for the proposal because Shelby always said she wanted to know all the details like how he picked the ring and when he asked her dad.  She was definitely able to experience those special details of the process because Bradley filmed each step.  It was amazing!  They watched each different part of the video and finally the last part came.  The proposal part!!  Bradley got down on one knee, called her by her full name and asked her to be his wife.  Still in shock and so happy, Shelby said yes!!

We had a window of time for portraits of them in their newly engaged bliss.  Shelby was still so surprised!

Bradley shared in part of the video about selecting the jeweler, creating this gorgeous custom ring setting and selecting this pear shaped diamond.

What Shelby didn’t know was while we were doing portraits, all their friends and family were sneaking into the barn to surprise them.  After portraits we needed to go in the barn to grab her purse and then they would start calling family to share the good news.

With confetti flying, everyone yelled surprise as they walked in!!

The surprises kept on coming because the event The Grove’s staff was setting up for was actually Shelby and Bradley’s celebration dinner.  Guests made their way across the grounds and enjoyed a delicious dinner together.  It was so exciting to experience such joy with Bradley, Shelby and their families.  It means the world to me that they have also chosen to trust me with the rest of their wedding experience!!  You’ll be seeing a lot more this precious couple in the coming year!!

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