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Sunset Farm Wedding | Tiffany + Joe

Sunset Farm Wedding in Union, South Carolina

A Sunset Farm wedding never looked so good! Tiffany and Joe have a special vibe that deserved a special day, which Sunset Farm brought to life both in person and through their images! The couple started connecting in May of 2023 after a nudge from Tiffany’s brother-in-law, who was friends with Joe. They have been inseparable every since!

Right before their first look, smoke rolled in from a local controlled burn, giving us a diffused light effect.  While this gave us an interesting situation to deal with, I was grateful for the effect. Everything cleared before the ceremony so we had clear blue skies for plenty of the day!  

Tiffany and Joe read notes privately during their first look, as well as vows during their ceremony. One of my favorite ideas was when Blind Moose Media snuck a mic on Joe while the couple read their private notes to one another. This way the audio was used in their wedding video, which turned out great!

I have so much respect for my couples when they focus on what they want and aren’t swayed by trends or expectations. Tiffany knew she wanted to eat and visit with each of her guests during her reception. Tiffany and Joe prioritized their first dance, father-daughter dance, and mother-son dance. For the rest of the evening, they were only concerned with visiting with their favorite people, making everyone feel just as special as they did. What a beautiful day to experience!

Tiffany shared special time with her mother while they finished getting her ready.

Tiffany and Joe had heartwarming experiences with their fathers before their first look. Tiffany’s father was a very sweet man, making his daughter feel like a true princess!

Personal notes were read between the couple, giving them a chance to share their thoughts and excitement before the main festivities kicked off.

Classic attributes of a farm on Sunset Farm wedding venue

The wedding party was a blast, filled with energy and support of the bride and groom all day!

Sweet, bouncing flower girls added an extra bit of excitement to this great day!

A standard moment of Tiffany and Joe’s outdoor ceremony was their sharing of vows in front of their friends and family.

Sunset Farm made up a stunning reception hall, strung with lights from beam to beam.

Tiffany and Joe spent their reception focusing on their family and friends. The night was full of touching moments, showing the care and love of this couple!

Sunset Farm wedding: Joe spinning his new wife, Tiffany, with the sunset in the background. A sunset of the farm of Sunset Farms venue.

The sunset on the farm was one of the highlights of the night before Tiffany and Joe left under the shine of stars and sparklers.

Sunsets, farms, and March 24th will always mean something special for Tiffany and Joe. A Sunset Farm wedding truly lives up to its name. From the country style venue to the family atmosphere, it was an honor to capture all the best moments of this day! All the vendors and this couple’s wholesome vibe made this wonderful union possible in Union, SC.

VENUE: Sunset Farm


FLORIST: The Flower Lady Gaffney, SC


DJ: Isaiah Caston

CAKE: Amelia’s Bakery + Christie’s Cakery



BRIDESMAID DRESS: Azazie “agave”

MENSWEAR: Thomas and Sons

HAIR: Christin West

VIDEOGRAPHY: Blind Moose Media


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