christina & patrick

Old cigar warehouse

Christina and Patrick began dating back in 2016. One day, Christina was over at her best friend’s house and realized through social media that she and Patrick actually went to camp together when they were children! There is a big group picture of everyone who attended that Summer and Christina and Patrick are both in it!

It’s a funny thing, this job I have. My couples are the best! I make all the effort to create an unparalleled experience for my couples. This weekend serving Christina and Patrick and their friends and family was an experience for ME! They treated me to a front row seat of their most special day so far. I felt the love in the rooms as everyone was getting ready. I heard conversations filled with depth and joy. I made mental notes from their pastor’s charge and verses in the ceremony. It was such a privilege to be there with them and capturing each precious moment!

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Old Cigar Warehouse

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