Emma Grace & Caleb

Cliffs of Glassy Chapel + Cliffs Valley Clubhouse

Years ago I photographed Emma Grace's senior and family portraits!  It has been a joy to watch her grow into a beautiful bride!  As I photographed Emma getting ready for her wedding day, her mother pointed out the framed prints around their home from their session years ago.

It’s a funny thing, this job I have. My couples are the best! I create an unparalleled experience for my couples. Serving Emma and Caleb and their friends and family was an experience for ME! They treated me to a beautiful day and so many curated, special moments. I heard conversations filled with joy and excitement. I felt the love in the chapel as the musicians strummed. Emma and Caleb glowed with bliss as they walked out of the Cliffs of Glassy Chapel as husband and wife. The Cliffs Valley Clubhouse was the perfect setting for them to host their guests and celebrate!  It was such a privilege to be there with them and capture each precious moment!