caroline & chris

Buncombe street + Larkins L

While it flew by in a matter of hours, no second was rushed through or overlooked. Chris and Caroline were intentional and fully present in each moment. Caroline truly felt all of the emotions on her wedding day. From reading her letter from Chris to walking down the aisle to him. Chris was so attentive to his mother during their pictures and was kind and grateful to me expressing his gratitude at least three separate times throughout the day. Then when Caroline and Chris were together, they locked eyes, took a deep breath and truly soaked in their first moments as husband and wife. They laughed, they cried, they kissed, they embraced. Their love for each other was so beautiful to be able to witness and capture.

Caroline and Chris have a love for rich, classic, historic details. This was represented in their Charleston Engagement session showing off the town they fell in love in and then in the style of their wedding day.

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Kelsey & stefan

Christina + Patrick


Huguenot Loft

Old Cigar Warehouse

Buncombe Street + Larkins L