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Adam & Kasie | Charleston, SC Engagement Photography

Meet Duncan, he’s the coolest dog in Charleston.  A week before this session we didn’t know if Duncan was going to be around due to an illness.  We are all very relieved that he’s is feeling somewhat better.  His proud parents are Adam and Kasie, this session post is really about them 🙂  They’ve been dating for EIGHT YEARS and will be getting married in Charleston this August!  It’s been a great pleasure to have gotten to know Adam, Kasie, and Dunc over the past year or so.  I’m looking forward to seeing them as husband and wife…and dog!  For our session we met at Hampton Park for a picnic, a marina, then downtown.  I had a blast photographing them, they are both very laid back and were ready for an adventure(see bird pictures).  Thanks Adam and Kasie for inviting me to be a part of such an exciting year!!
Adam proposed to Kasie with a song he wrote and played!
Completely candid, they really have this much fun together!
The birds!
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

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