Kelsey & Stefan

Huguenot Loft

When we arrived to Kelsey’s hotel room Saturday afternoon, there was a sense of calm hanging in the room. The ladies were almost done with their hair and makeup and they were lounging around and chatting. After hugging Kelsey and catching up I began styling her details. I had so much fun with her details, nothing makes my graphic design heart more happy than a beautiful, classic invitation suite like this!

After the final touches, we met Stefan outside the hotel for their First Look.
Kelsey and Stefan were so excited to see each other! They both got a bit emotional in their first moments together! After their portraits, we were able to photograph them with their wedding party and family! All before the ceremony!

Their ceremony was sentimental and simple. Guests entered cocktail hour as we snuck away for a few just married portraits! Their reception was amazing with Steel Toe Stiletto entertaining, delicious food stations, and an ice cream station!

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Kelsey & stefan

Emma Grace + Caleb


Huguenot Loft

Cliffs of Glassy Chapel

Buncombe Street + Larkins L