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Eleven Wedding Reception Exits | Wedding Whimsy

Back in November I was meeting with a bride and we were chatting about wedding plans.  She had been tossing around ideas for her midday reception exit.  Once I got to thinking about all of the options I was surprised and excited about these creative ideas!
1.  My first thought was RIBBONS.  These are great for any time of day.  You can make these long or short.  They can match your wedding colors or be covered in glitter.  They also make a cute display right beside your wedding favors.  If you are using them at night make sure your exit area is well lit.  See Jamie Lee and Tommy’s wedding here.

2.  Biodegradable confetti is a friendly option for everyone.  These can be displayed in large apothecary jars or handed out in small paper cones to make sure there’s enough for everyone.
3.  A giant balloon release.  Order a baloon for each guest who will celebrate with you.  Have a rainbow of colors or stick to your wedding theme.
4.  Throw flowers or flower petals.  Ryan and Taylor opted for their guests to toss daisies as the two headed off for their honeymoon.

5.  While these guests threw daisies, they also waved burlap flags with white hearts on them.  These doubled as wedding favors and were a fun DIY project.

6.  If your hubby-to-be is a sports fanatic, surprise him with his team’s pom poms and a departing cheer.  Orange and white waving in the air as your guests shout C-L-E-M-S-O-N.
7.  Another option for an evening exit is GLOW STICKS.  Right before your last dance have an attendant pass out your glow sticks for one last hooray, advise them to keep these for a colorful, flashy departure.
8. Halley and AJ had a romantic exit with bubbles.  Bubbles are a festive option for day or night exits, they are also easy clean up.  If you do have an evening exit time, make sure your get away route is lit so your guests can see you and your bubbles.

9.  I’ve seen lavendar thrown, it smells delightful and is great for a day time exit.  Advise your guest to throw it UP rather directly at you, you’d be surprised how quickly your dress can fill up with this tiny exit option.
10.  Then again, there’s always the very classy sparklers, for an evening reception.  Hannah and Dustin chose sparklers to create a high spirited closure of their night.  They also make wonderful photo memories!  Here are some details to consider: does your venue allow sparklers? Are there any smoke detectors located near your exit?

If none of those are fun enough for you…you can always opt for my number 11…SILLY STRING!  It could get a little messy, so if you are renting your tux or planning to preserve your wedding dress, a change of wardrobe may be necessary.
As always, if you’ve got any questions about Wedding Whimsy or my services please email me at

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