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Greenville, SC Wedding Photography | A look at Photography & Design By Jenny’s 2014

To describe 2014 in one word would be tough, but I’d say AMAZING!  As I was reminiscing, my husband asked me what my favorite wedding was.  Ha!  Each wedding was so beautiful and unique, there’s no way to compare!  I have special moments from each one that I’ll never forget (because I took photographs).  God has given me a way to join the lives of new people, serve my clients, and share His love!  Along the way I have been able to photograph families and other events that have influenced my life so much!
Now sit back, relax, and get ready for lots of love, kissing, and fun!
Congratulations to Katie & David for winning a One Year Anniversary session with me! We had a nail biter of a Facebook contest last week.  Family and friends from all my lovely couples really stepped up and liked their favorite’s image. What can I say, I have amazing couples!! 
Not to spoil all the fun for 2015, but exciting things are already happening!  Join me, friends!
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

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