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Gassaway Mansion Wedding Greenville, SC Photographer | Mark & Joy

I feel like Mark and Joy “get it.”  It seems they understand the weight of a life-long covenant with each other and Christ.  The seriousness of the day was in the air, but also the sheer joy!  Never have I seen a forecast change so drastically for a wedding day.  I thought we were in the clear all week, but Friday came and so did the rain.  With the purchase of clear umbrellas, all was well and the show went on!  Gassaway Mansion was beautiful and has a great rain plan for outside ceremonies.  Mark and Joy saw each other for the first time as her daddy walked her down the isle.  Their ceremony was sweet and God honoring.  Their marriage is already so beautiful!

Thank you Marian for being my second professional photographer!
But wait!  There’s more!  Check out their wedding slideshow!
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

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