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Strong for Miles | NICU

It was the weekend Upstate South Carolina was hit with a snow storm.  It was the best, powder snow I’ve seen in this area!  Our power went off for a few hours, but it was no big deal, compared to what was going on with the Evan’s family.  We didn’t know anything had happened until we scrolled on social media.  As everyone’s snow day pictures blurred together, a new mother’s plee for prayer and a picture of a one pound 13 ounce baby stood out.

“Please pray for my sweet baby boy…..he was born way too early today and has a long road ahead of him…..please also pray for his hand too. The blood is not going to it and I don’t want him to lose his hand. Thank you everyone!!!” – Kristin’s facebook

Kristin and Jason had just celebrated new years and were looking forward to all 2017 would bring!  Completing their house renovation was at the top of the list…right under welcoming a baby boy in April!

If you have followed their Strong For Miles facebook group for any time, you know that the road for Miles, Kristin and Jason has not been easy.  Even in the midst of difficult days, test results, and news from doctors, their posts are filled with gratitude, scripture, and a refreshing dose of humor.  I have never witnessed such a strong couple ready to do the Lord’s will.

“We have been SO blessed by the amount of love and support we have gotten since Saturday, since our baby Miles was born way too early. Monday we received some terrible news regarding brain bleeds and we were faced with the decision to end his life or not. That decision is not ours to make, that is up to the Lord in heaven! Right now He has allowed our baby to live!!!” – Kristin’s facebook

Just like any baby, Miles needed newborn photos, so I was honored to meet the little man back at a month old and photograph his family.  Kristin and Jason welcomed me into their NICU home where they have fought diligently for Miles.  I was able to experience one of the breathing episodes Kristin refers to in her posts and it was a very scary time for everyone.  Their reality truly hit me after I left the hospital.  God, I know only you can be their peace and strength.  Please be an overflowing supply to them!

I believe that God can grow Miles into a strong man.  I believe that one day Kristin and Jason can show him these photos and say, look how tiny your were, but you are a fighter and your mommy and daddy are fighters too.  I believe that God already has plans that will bring Him the most glory through their situation.  Just yesterday (3/1) Kristin shared that Miles is over 3 pounds is growing and breathing!

If you would like to join the rest of the Strong For Miles community, check out their facebook group.

If you would like to donate to this precious family in their time of great need, do so here.

Daddy’s hands

Here are a few of Kristin and Jason’s facebook photos.  Dear Miles, you steal our hearts with every update and photo!

Strong For Miles Facebook


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