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Micah’s Newborn Session

I just shared Micah’s birth story!  These last seven weeks of life have been a challenging, blessed blur.  I can’t say I’m out of the newborn fog, but I feel good today so I’m playing catch up on posts while Micah is napping and Eli is at school.  In the next weeks, I’ll be working on business posts to celebrate the end of the year with my “Best of 2018” posts!  See this Behind the scenes post from 2017!

Here is my precious Micah at just 7 days old.  We photographed these with flash and morning light coming into our Master bedroom.  I’m pleased with the images we have, but highly recommend everyone else hiring a professional to have their birth and newborn photos taken care of!  Even other photographers.  It’s just hard to wrangle your own three-year-old, think of camera techniques, all while standing over them on the bed encouraging smiles.  Jeff seriously makes the impossible possible!!

Jeff Williams, everyone!  My daily hero as we raise two boys!

I want time to stand still, but I also yearn for the day they’ll play together and have a deep, brotherly connection.


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