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Daniel Chapel at Furman University Wedding | Rebecca + Devin

A Daniel Chapel and Younts Conference Center Wedding

My heart is so full as I look through Rebecca and Devin’s wedding day!  It was such an honor to craft and capture these amazing moments for them. There was so much love and support surrounding them all day!  Their vision for their wedding was brought alive beautifully with every special detail.

From about 3:00 to 4:00 everyone was a beautiful mess of tears.  Rebecca’s mother and sisters helped her get in her gown and do her finishing touches.  Then Rebecca’s Father and brother came over for their first look with Rebecca.  We ALL cried.  Then it was time for Devin and Rebecca to have their First Look.  Devin was tearful and so excited before Rebecca even stepped foot outside!  They had such a precious time together on the porch of the Cherrydale House.  After their first look, they read notes they wrote each other.

I would say the moment that took my breath away was at the beginning of their ceremony.  Their minister set the stage perfectly for Rebecca’s entrance with scripture from Genesis 2 and said “behold your bride”!  Everyone stood to their feet as “Andente Maestoso” echoed through Daniel Chapel, the doors opened and Rebecca and her father made their way down the aisle to Devin.

Since Rebecca and Devin had the majority of their portraits done before their ceremony, they were announced into their reception without skipping a beat!  Everyone dined, ate delicious funfetti cake, and danced ALL NIGHT.  Seriously, there wasn’t a single sparse second on their dance floor and Rebecca and Devin could usually be found in the middle of it all!

Rain, rain, rain

This unprompted moment as we rushed quickly for cover from the rain is one of my favorites of their day.  Who am I kidding?  It is probably a top favorite of all time.

Devin and all his groomsmen wore handmade needlepoint cufflinks!  They were ALL IN their sleeves… 🙂

“Behold your bride”

Just married tears and excitement!!

After seeing a clear radar on my weather app I set up their 20 person wedding party outside for this last set of images.  The second I finish setting them up, a random rain cloud let loose on us!  I snapped this really fast and they all ran back to the chapel.  1 minute later the rain cleared again.

Rebecca and Devin’s guests wasted NO time getting the party going!!

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VENUE: Furman University Cherrydale House, Daniel Chapel,
RECEPTION VENUE: Furman University Yount’s Conference Center
CATERER: Furman University
FLORIST: Gregg Foster
DJ: The Party Machine
CAKE: Karen Love
MENSWEAR: Men’s Wearhouse
HAIR + MAKE UP: Studio A – Amy Rhymer

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