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The Hlavaceks | Upstate SC Photography

The Hlavacek Families celebrated July 4th with a week at Lake Keowee and a red and blue family session!  I really enjoyed spending time with them.  They were all helpful, excited and ready to smile!  We were blessed with NO rain…shortly after our session there was a downpour!  I haven’t seen them since 2011, so […]


Grace & Samantha

I’m am so excited to get to introduce two of the sweetest girls EVER!  Grace and Samantha have just recently joined the youth group at our church and I think they are amazing!  They have grown to be such beautiful girls so it was time for some updated pictures.  Their mother joined us, so of […]


Friends: Anna Marie & Robyn

North Greenville University is full of amazing girls, meet two of them!  Anna Marie and Robyn have been friends for quite some time now.  They wanted to have some fun pictures done at Campbells Covered Bridge, so we hopped in the car and had a spontaneous photo shoot!  Here are some of my favorites! Anna […]


Family Fun Downtown | Families

I got the delightful chance to meet Melanie’s family downtown this past weekend!  This was a large group, every one was so flexible and ready to smile!  Thank you so much to each family for taking time out of your busy Saturday schedules! The Brown family stuck around a little while longer.  This is when […]


The Boys of Fall

Meet the Blue Ridge High School “Boys of Fall.”  These six men have been close friends since seventh grade and they are now playing in their senior season of football together.  They work hard through out the afternoons of practice to rise to the challenge each Friday Night.  Of course behind every good football player […]


Girls Night Out

Throughout the college years one can only be so lucky to find such wonderful friends who will stick closer than a brother.  The majority of these lovely ladies have graduated from the same high school and now attend the North Greenville University where they share a suite.  My idea for “Girl’s Night Out Sessions” is to […]